Integrating Reality is all about integrating your faith into your everyday life AT HOME especially as a parent of small children following your example of how to live.  There should not be compartments of which our faith is one of many… the face of Jesus should be the picture on the puzzle of our life integrating everything else into loving Him!

The Theme Weeks blogs are designed especially for parents of 2 and 3-year-old kids who are starting to need structured spiritual training.  They are really fun ideas that I have done (or wanted to do) with my children.  I hope they will bless you!  Please comment with any additional ideas and resources to share with others.

My other sites are:


  • This site is specifically geared toward Training Your Child…for Public School…at home…after church.

3 You Can See…1 in my Heart

  • This site is a devotional for mamas (and daddies) who have lost a child in miscarriage.  It’s meant to be a resource for parents early in the grief process, but has been helpful for parents at different stages of grief, as well.

May you and your family be blessed!