Image result for ABCs clipartGo through the Alphabet one week at a time. It takes awhile, but is SO worth it in teaching your child the alphabet.

  • There are so many books at the library on the alphabet. There is even a section at my library just for the ABCs.  Get a book you can go through together each week that gives lots of examples of things that begin with the letter of the week.
  • Hang a paper in your child’s room for each letter you cover to help him or her visualize the letters.
  • Look at pictures of animals that start with each letter.
  • Eat foods that start with the letter of the week each day – some letters require more culinary creativity than others…like “Q”.
  • Watch movies or read books with characters whose names begin with the letter for the week.
  • You can teach your child the alphabet in Spanish or Sign Language to help him or her learn in different ways.
  • Sesame Street is king of the Alphabet world, so use it!
  • There are many websites that can help your child learn the alphabet, as well!
  • Use all of your child’s senses to learn the letters to make it more fun and more practical. The more creative you are…and also repetitive, the better the chances each letter will stick.
  • You may have to go back and do some of the letters again that are tougher when you’ve completed the whole alphabet once. (UVWXY seem to be hard to distinguish between for some reason.)
  • Other great alphabet websites:

Here are the Theme Weeks I used (or thought of) for teaching our kids the Alphabet:

A – Alphabet Week (borrowed lots of ABC books from the library) (Anna study)

B – Bullfrogs and Butterflies Week (both been born again); Butterfly Pavillion (Barnabas study)

C – Creation Week (one day of creation for each day then a review – see Creation Week Theme Week)

D – Dancing Week (watched videos and did a “date with Daddy”) (Daniel or David study)

E – Energy Week (talked about lights, lightening, food for fuel etc) (Elizabeth or Elijah/Elisha study)

F – Friends Week (playdates, expectations, and prayer power) (David and Jonathan)

G – Grandparents Week (special dates, letters, phone calls, etc) (Gideon study)

H – Helping Week (serving in different ways) (Hannah study) or Hide and Seek Week

I – Insects Week (bug hunt, books, movies Hermie the Worm movies) (Isaiah study)

J – Jesus Week (birth, 12 years at the temple, teaching, miracles, death, resurrection)

K – Kinds Week (different categories, sorting, etc) (Kings in the Bible study)

L – Listening (Senses) Week (do different activities using all the senses) (Lazarus study)

M – Mountains Week (go on a hike, talk about mountain animals) (Mary and Martha study)

N – Numbers Week (counting books, The Count on Sesame Street) (Nicodemus study)

O – Opposites Week (Elmo’s World video; Up and down, inside out day) (Onesimus study)

P – Prince and Princess Week (child of God; Disney princesses; dress up) (Paul study)

Q – Quail and Other Birds Week (Bird house at the zoo; make dress up wings) (Quiet vs. Peaceful study)

R – Right and Wrong Week (good choices and bad choices scenarios; Bernstain Bears) (Ruth study)

S – Silly Week (silly hair day, silly clothes day, Silly Songs with Larry) (Samuel study)

T – Time Week (seasons, seconds/minutes/hours/days/weeks/months; clocks) (Timothy study)

U – Under/Over Week (umbrellas, forts-under blankets; picnics – over blankets) (Under Authority study)

V – Veggies Week (Veggie Tales, veggie variety eating) (Vashti and Esther study)

W – Water Week (swimming, longer bath play, water balloons, fish study, aquarium, Nemo) (Living Water)

X – X Marks the Spot Week (Pirates, books, Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything movie) (Xerxes)

Y – YHWH Week (Names of God, talk about importance of names & Adam naming animals

Z – Zoo Week (visit the zoo, watch animal movies, read animal books) (Noah study) & Zippers, Buttons, Ties, & Snaps Week

Let your mind run wild. There are so many options for Alphabet Weeks!