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Image result for Hide and SeekMy kids and I did this fun week during our last break together.  I’ve done it as a monthly study (and you can read about it here), but it was super fun to do as a weekly study.  It was like an At Home Vacation Bible School!  So fun!

Here are the details of what we did and how to find the resources to make it fun!


Read the Scripture passage aloud and ask your child what the story was about.  Summarize the story and then talk about how important your child is to God.

MONDAY – All Treasure is hidden in CHRIST; Parables of the Hidden Treasure and the Pearl 

BIBLE STORY:  Colossians 2:3; Matthew 13:44-46


  • Do a treasure hunt.
  • Make a treasure map of your home and have an X marks the spot treasure for your children to find.  (Don’t forget to hide a treasure there, though!)
  • Watch the Treasure Hunt Blues Clues.


  • Hidden Picture Challenge – Print a Hidden Picture coloring sheet from online for each day
  • Make a craft or necklace with pretend pearls.
  • Make a treasure chest craft.

SNACK:  Cinnamon Sugar Resurrection Rolls

Geode Cake Bites  (Takes a lot of time, but yummy)

TUESDAY – Parable of the Lost Sheep 

BIBLE STORY:  Luke 15:1-7


  • Play with stuffed sheep and lambs.  Do a sheep stuffed animal hunt around your house.
  • Game:  The Sheep, The Shepherd, and The Wolf Adapted from
    1. Tell the children that a shepherd knows his sheep by name.  Every sheep has a name, just like each child does.  When the shepherd calls the sheep, “Martha, Gracie, Fleece,” the sheep come running.  Sheep know and love their shepherd’s voice.  They will not run to a stranger.  In fact, they will run away from a stranger.
    2. Draw a parallel by saying that Jesus knows each of us by name also.  We are so special to Him, that He died on the cross for each one of us.  He loves us.  It’s important that we learn to hear our Jesus’ voice.  He is the Good Shepherd.  We learn to hear his voice by praying, reading the Bible, and coming to church.  It’s also important to run away from strangers, sin, and danger.
    3. If you have 1 child, place a picture of or stuffed animal wolf in between the 2 of you and call your child’s name telling him/her to go FAR around the wolf to get to you.
    4. If you have 2 children, have one child be the sheep and the other be the wolf and try and tag the sheep when he/she is coming to you when you call his/her name. Then let them swich roles.  You can have them be the shepherd and you be the sheep or wolf, as well.
    5. If you have 3 children, appoint one child to be the wolf and one to be the shepherd and you can be a sheep with the other child and try to get to the shepherd before you are tagged by the wolf. Have each person play each role.
  • Rent books about sheep and lambs from the library.
  • Look up pictures of sheep online and learn facts about them…. Especially facts about the needing the protection of a shepherd.
  • Watch Shawn the Sheep!


SNACK:  Cheerio Sheep Crispies with Pretzel Legs

WEDNESDAY – Parable of the Lost Coin 

BIBLE LESSON:  Luke 15:8-10


  • Do a coin hunt, but use only 1 coin to hunt so it’s more difficult.
  • Play with pretend money and pretend to shop for pretend food (or real food in your pantry).
  • Count pennies together.
  • Learn about different coins and amounts (pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters, dollars)
  • Play a coin sorting game using an egg carton or other sorting dish.
  • Go to the Denver Mint.


  • Hidden Picture Challenge
  • Make a coin slot can out of an oatmeal or Pringles container.

SNACK:  Piñata Cookies (Halloween cut outs)

THURSDAY – Parable of Lost Son 

BIBLE STORY:  Luke 15:11-32


  • Watch “The Wizard of Ha’s” Veggie Tale.
  • Play hide and seek.
  • Hide a baby doll and find it somewhere in the house.


  • Make a felt board with characters out of paper or felt or make or use puppets to act out the story together.



BIBLE LESSON:  Psalm 119:11


  • Learn some Seeds Family WorshipScripture songs together.
  • Play hide and seek.
  • Hide a Bible and find it somewhere in the house.
  • Practice some fun Scripture Memory games together to learn the verse of the week (today’s verse).


  • Write out the Bible verse and cut out each word and help your child put it back together in order.
  • Write out the Bible verse and cut it into a puzzle and help your child put it back together.

SNACK:  Caramel Apple Slices