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Mark Holmen leads this amazing training and equipping movement called Faith at Home.  He has written some phenomenal books Church+Home and Faith Begins at Home.  Both books are really practical and explain the need for the family’s involvement in faith development.  He has some great family and personal devotional books.  If you are interested in his resources or learning more about that ministry, you can go to:

I hope you will check it out!  It’s so worth the time!


This winter I found the best family training and Bible study out there.  It’s called The Family God Uses.  There is a book, but this is the workbook.  It can be used as a personal study, family study, small group study or Sunday school class on integrating your faith into your family.  It is written by Tom and Kim Blackaby.  Tom is one of Henry Blackaby’s (author of Experiencing God) five children.

This study is so practical and powerful.  If you are looking to use as a personal or family study, you can pick this up at or at a Lifeway Stores location.

First Posted August 11th, 2009

George Barna, of much Christian research and statistics fame, has written a great book on raising Champions for the Lord.  He did a study based on twenty somethings who are living out their faith.  The Barna Group did surveys on the young adults and on many of their parents to see why they became who they became.  It has great insight as to what has happened in the church in the last two decades and what can happen for the future of the church when parents take an active role in the spiritual training of their children and in other areas of their lives.

Revolutionary Parenting is a great, challenging, and very practical read.  It is at the Philip S. Miller Library, because I requested it 🙂 and you can find it at at

Look for Revolutionary Parenting and be inspired!

D6 is a very intentional ministry focused on the integration of faith in the family. Here’s a quote from their site:

“Unfortunately, many parents rely on the pastor, Sunday School teacher, or youth pastor to be the primary spiritual influence for our kids. D6 tells us this is the primary job and responsibility for dads and moms.”

Amen and Amen.

If you are serious about integrating your faith into your family life, check out their stuff. They are putting out training that is effective, do-able, and encouraging.

I just posted a new devotional blog for mamas (and daddies) who are grieving the loss of a child through miscarriage.  Please pass it along to whoever you know who needs it:  3 you can see… 1 in my heart