Image result for zippers buttons snapsThis week is about learning “manipulatives.”  It’s a very hands on and fun week.  This is the “Z” week in the Alphabet Weeks plan.

HOME FUN:  play dress up, play with blocks, play with nuts and bolts, play light bright, play with an erector set or similar toy, play board games with lots of pieces, play Wii, paint, draw with crayons, colored pencils, markers and chalk, practice with different kinds of buttoned shirts and zippers, pretend to drive in a car and push the buttons (just be careful to check everything before you drive the next time), play on a computer, get books about moving things, play with paper dolls, play dress up with dolls or stuffed animals and real clothes, there are great resources for manipulatives on Pinterest in Busy and Quiet Books!

OUTSIDE ADVENTURES: play at a playground with lots of manipulatives (Rhyolite Park in Castle Rock), go to the Children’s Museum, go to the Museum of Nature and Science Kids’ Zone