Image result for waterThere are lots of stories about water in the Bible.  You can study some of these along with doing Water Week in the Alphabet Theme Weeks.  We love to do this week during July!


HOME FUN: extra long bath play with different toys or Tupperware, play with kitchen utensils in a big bowl of water or in the sink, make Popsicles with koolaid, make snow cones

OUTSIDE ADVENTURES:  water balloons, slip and slide, spray grounds, Pirate’s Cove, Water World, playing in a hose, water guns that spray chalk pictures clean, bubbles

Here are some Bible Connection ideas:

  • Noah’s Ark – watch the Veggie Tale; make a boat out of a coffee table and bring some stuffed animals onboard; learn the song “Rise and Shine”
  • Moses in the Nile – make a little boat out of a styrofoam boat and a bath toy as you tell the story
  • Moses and the Israelites crossing the Red Sea – Watch “Moe and the Big Exit”
  • Joshua and the Israelites crossing the Jordan – Watch “Joshua” Veggie Tale
  • Elijah and Elisha parting the Jordan – Read the story together and talk about the importance of other people in our lives
  • Jonah and the Whale – Watch “Jonah” Veggie Tale full-length movie
  • Jesus getting baptized
  • The Woman at the Well (John 4)

See the other ideas mentioned under Water Week in the Alphabet Weeks blog post.