How To Make Homemade Snow Ice Cream -- in just 5 minutes! gimmesomeoven.comThis is a fun Theme Week to do during the late fall and winter months!

HOME FUN:  cut homemade snowflakes, play with snow globes or make your own, make snow cones with ice or real snow from outside, find books about animals who live in the snow (polar bears, penguins, etc), eat snow covered (powdered sugar dipped) strawberries, shake snow (Parmesan cheese) over spaghetti, make snowmen (marshmallows or paper cups), watch “Frosty the Snowman,” watch any Christmas movie with snow, the library has lots of great books about snow, winter, holidays, etc

OUTSIDE ADVENTURES:  go on a nature walk in the snow, play in the snow (snow angels, sledding, build a snowman, have a snowball fight, etc)


Bible focus:  Talk about the uniqueness of snowflakes and how that relates to us as God’s creations.  You can tie in our fingerprints.  Study Psalm 51:7 and Isaiah 1:18 about being as white as snow!