Image result for my body for kids worksheetsWe like to pick a different part of the body to learn about the senses each day:  nose, mouth/teeth, ears, skin/hair, eyes, fingers/hands, toes/feet

Here are some fun ideas:

HOME FUN:  hand/foot print tracing, finger painting, fingerprint people (use a stamp to make a finger print then draw a face, arms, legs and clothes – super fun), jewelry play, paint fingernails/toenails, play “This Little Piggy,” make a collage of different faces and or body parts, make a face out of foods and craft supplies, do hair different ways, sing “Oh be careful,” listen to different kinds of music and dance together, learn different body parts (good time to introduce rules about “private parts”)

OUTSIDE ADVENTURES:  kick a soccer or kickball, throw a baseball or play tee-ball, run sprints on a field, climb at a playground, do a trust walk with a blindfold and teach about using other senses

BIBLE CONNECTION:  Help your child memorize Psalm 139:14 a few words at a time!