Image result for heroes of the faithThis is a list of heroes of the faith that I want to do a study on.  You can find these people in various devotionals and children’s ministry curricula, so it may not need to be written, but in case you are looking for a Character Study focus for your child for a Theme Week, here’s a workable list to start with.  There are many heroes of our faith missing from this list, but it was just the one I was going to start with :)!  This might be a fun list to evaluate your Biblical knowledge with… do you know why each of the following people have the characteristic beside his/her name?  If not… it would be fun to Google them 🙂 and find out why! Hope this inspires YOU to write and train your child to be a hero of the faith!

Noah – perseverance

Abraham – faith and obedience

Joseph – integrity

Moses – friendship with God

Joshua and Caleb – bravery and courage

Deborah – leading

Josiah – righteousness at a young age

Gideon – becoming a warrior

Ruth – loyalty

David – passion

Jonathan – humility and serving

Solomon – wisdom

Nehemiah – leadership

Esther – calling

Job – patience

Daniel – holiness and prayer

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego – positive peer pressure and faith

Elijah – strength and trust

Elisha – vulnerability and following

John the Baptist – power

Peter – repentance

John – love

Barnabas – encouragement

Paul – redemption