Image result for eat a rainbowYou can get as creative with this week as you want.  It might be a fun week to combine with Colors Week.  “Eat the rainbow” is a popular phrase right now and you can learn more about it here.

HOME FUN:  make crafts with food (macaroni or fruit loop necklaces, faces with noodles, etc), make a rice shaker, play with cooked spaghetti noodles, do a taste test with baby food or leftovers

Focus on a different food group each day and do an activity to make it fun.  You can get some good ideas from here:  Current food groups:  fruits, grains, vegetables, protein, dairy

There are fun foods books at the library you can look up, as well as kid recipe books.  You could have your child help you make a meal each day – biscuit pizzas with salad, PB&J sands with ants on a log, cereal with painted toast and a banana, quesadillas with guacamole or salsa, spaghetti with green beans, lasagna with corn, chicken nuggets with fruit salad

OUTSIDE ADVENTURES:  go on a picnic in your backyard or to a park, go out to eat somewhere you’ve never been before (eat a snack beforehand just in case), make a meal and take it to someone in your neighborhood, bake cookies and take them to some family friends

Talk about why we eat (fuel), why food is such a part of our celebrations, why some people have a hard time controlling what they eat, why exercising and eating right is so important, why we pray before we eat, etc.