Image result for family clipartWe love to do this week during Thanksgiving Week since that’s a natural time for us to spend special time with family.  It’s just as good anytime during the holidays.

HOME FUN:  draw out a family tree (drawing a real tree with branches works well), make a Family Photo Tree (or album) so your child can understand who goes with whom, make cards and send them (or deliver them, if possible) to each person in your family, look at family albums together, draw pictures of family members as a craft, watch any movies that focus on the importance of family (Bernstein Bears), call long distance relatives

OUTSIDE ADVENTURES:  have special dates with family members, visit church family members who are shut-ins, take care packages to loved ones

Bible study focus:  Talk about God being intentional about the family He placed us in and why that is important.  Talk about being a part of a bigger family in the church and that we each play a special role, just like in our own homes.  Talk about why God often calls Himself Father and how that affects us.