Image result for dancingThis is the letter “D” in the Alphabet Theme Weeks post.  There are lots more resources at the library for this week, you just need to ask a librarian.

HOME FUN:  listen to “I, I Mambo” and “Zig, Zag Dance” from the Elmopalooza CD, listen to “Undignified” by David Crowder Band and study David dancing before the Lord (2 Samuel 6), play Dance Praise (computer game you can order online – harder for little people), play Just Dance Kids on Wii, read books about different kinds of dancing (ballet, jazz, tap, etc), listen to and do Mousercize, Read Psalm 149-150, watch “Zoe’s Dance Moves,” play Freeze Dancing, Watch “Let’s Make Music” Sesame Street movie

OUTSIDE ADVENTURES:  go to a dance recital, twirl like leaves falling, dance like different animals, learn different dances together (the twist, etc)