Image result for bullfrogs and butterfliesThis is the letter “B” in the Alphabet Themes Weeks post.  This theme is from one of my favorite “tapes” as a child.  I would listen to it over and over!  It’s called Bullfrogs and Butterflies – God is My Friend.  You can get it on for $7-ish.  There are some other CDs that they put out that are great, too, but this was my favorite one!

You can just listen to the song at

Here are some fun ideas to go along with listening to the CD and learning the bullfrogs and butterflies song (both been born again :)).

HOME FUN:  Read The Hungry Caterpillar, borrow any books at the library about butterflies or frogs and their transformation, make a mirror butterfly painting, read Frog and Toad stories, read or watch the original Hermie story

OUTSIDE ADVENTURES:  go on a nature walk and look for butterflies and frogs, hide some plastic frogs in the grass and have your child find them (be sure to count how many you have), go to the Butterfly Pavilion, go see the tadpoles at Walmart or a pet store