Image result for shapes for kidsYou can pick a different shape for everyday of the week.

Example Week:

Sunday – Cross – talk about shapes as symbols, make a stained glass cross with construction & tissue paper

Monday – Square – eat sandwiches and square crackers with cheese slices, play blocks, shape hunt

Tuesday – Circle – eat Cheerios, trace circle shaped things, shape hunt, play with bracelets and rings, play balls

Wednesday – Triangle – make pizza, toast, or quesadillas (or one for each meal), shape sorter, shape hunt

Thursday – Diamond – eat lucky charms, play a matching game with cards, watch or play baseball, shape hunt

Friday – Star – eat lucky charms, trace a star cookie cutter or use as a stencil, glow in the dark stars, hunt

Saturday – Heart – make heart shaped cookies, make someone an “I love you” card, shape hunt

Other Fun Ideas:

  • Use masking tape to make big shapes to match the shape each day on your living room or child’s room’s carpet.  They LOVE it!  You can name something that is a specific shape and then tell them to jump into the shape you are describing.  You can put a pile of blocks or whatever on the carpet and have your child sort the shapes by putting them into the right tape shape.
  • Get books about shapes from the library. There are stickers on the bindings of books about shapes at the Douglas County Library – ask a librarian for help finding those specific books with stickers.
  • Get movies about shapes from the library (Bear and the Big Blue House, Blue’s Clues, and Elmo’s World all have good episodes about shapes.)
  • Play SHAPE Searchers (idea from Blue’s Clues) at the Grocery Store.  Have a bag full of block shapes and have your child pick one out to hunt for while you are out.  Have your child pick shapes as you go throughout your day.  It is SUPER fun!