Image result for princess and princeThis is the “P” week in the Alphabet Weeks.  An entire month can be done on being a child of God and what that means for us in behavior and treatment of others, but here’s what we actually narrowed it down to do:

HOME FUN:  play dress up as a princess/prince, have a tea party with stuffed animals (or even better with friends), watch a Disney Princess Sing-a-long, make a tiara and jewelry as a craft with foam pages and sticker jewels, color pages of princesses/princes, read “Princess and the Pea,” read A Parable about the King by Beth Moore (AMAZING), build a castle (fort)

OUTSIDE ADVENTURES:  go on a date with Daddy (for boys or girls), visit a castle nearby, play pretend castle at a playground (even go in dress up clothes and take a picnic)

You can do a study on Psalm 11:4, Psalm 47:7, and Isaiah 44:6.

Fun Resource for Girls:  Princess with a Purpose Activity Book