Image result for rainbowYou can pick a different color for everyday of the week. It’s fun to follow the rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Then end the week with a rainbow day.

Both my big kids had colors week in Kindergarten when they got to dress in a specific color each day of the week.  It was SO much fun and we had already done it for Theme Weeks, so really this is just a preview!

Example Week:

Sunday – Red Day – clothes, color hunt drive, Finger Painting, red foods (esp. fruit)

Monday – Orange Day – clothes, color hunt, Richard Scarry Colors book, play with playdoh, oranges

Tuesday – Yellow Day – clothes, color hunt, Make a sunshine craft with construction paper, eat yellow food

Wednesday – Green Day – clothes, color hunt, color sorting, Red Light/Green Light, salad and veggies

Thursday – Blue Day – clothes, color hunt, play with a color and shape sorter, eat blueberries

Friday – Purple Day – clothes, color hunt, My Many Colored Days, food (fruits), make a craft or special treat with Skittles

Saturday – Rainbow – clothes, make a rainbow using water color paints or construction paper, eat the rainbow (Skittles, too!)

Other Fun Ideas:

  • Get books about colors from the library.  There are stickers on the bindings of books about colors at the Douglas County Library – ask a librarian for help finding those specific books with stickers.
  • Get movies about colors from the library (Bear and the Big Blue House, Blue’s Clues, and Elmo’s World all have good episodes about colors.)
  • Eat foods that match the color of the day – even do a whole meal in that color.
  • Talk about all the colors included in color combination days (blue + yellow = green).
  • Talk about how each color makes your child feel and which ones he or she likes best!
  • You can expand Colors Week to two weeks with pink, purple, brown, white, black, gray, and tie dye day :)!

Enjoy God’s creativity in His creations with colors week!  Colors Week and Shapes Weeks is fun to do near each other.